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Photographs from BIOL 3954, Botanizing the Alps and Mediterranean

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News and Announcments

Sunny Crawley, doctoral student in Hilu's lab, received the Graduate College Excellence in Teaching for 2009.

Adriana Ferraioli, a junior undergraduate in Hilu's lab, received a 2009 Biology Department Research award.

Sunny Crawley and Adriana Ferraioli

Dr. Hilu travelled to Iraq March 29-April 5, 2009 as part of an education reconstruction mission team organized and sponsored by the U.S. department of Defense.  He was one of two Virginia Tech faculty, three Michigan State faculty and administrators and one University of Idaho faculty.  They visited three universities in the country and met with ministers of Higher Education and Research, Science and Technology, and Industry and Minerals, and the U.S. Undersecretary of Defense.  Virginia Tech is working on a plan to submit to the Department of Defense to assist Iraq in various areas of teaching and research.

Michelle Barthett was invited to design the February 2008 cover for the Journal of Molecular Evolution, where our most recent articles on the chloroplast gene matK was published (Barthet, M.M., and K.W. Hilu, Evaluating Evolutionary Constraint on the Rapidly Evolving Gene matK Using Protein Composition). This is part of her Ph.D. dissertation (2006) in our lab. A second paper from her dissertation appeared in the American Journal of Botany, 2007.



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