Interested in joining the Capelluto Lab?

Graduate Students

Graduate students interested to carry out a multidisciplinary research program to study cell signal transduction through protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions are also welcome to join the research group. Candidates should have a background in biophysics, biochemistry, chemistry, or a related discipline. Interested applicants are invited to send a resume and the names and contact information of three references to with “Graduate Student Applicant” in the subject.

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Undergraduate students, who are interested in a research career, are welcome to join the research team. While a familiarity with basic laboratory skills is preferred, no specific experience is required. Students are expected to commit a minimum of 8 hours/week in the lab (GPA of at least 3.7). Preference is given to students focused on a biochemistry research track and who will be available to participate for more than one semester. The training we offer is focused into biochemistry/molecular biology. Specifically, students will learn DNA cloning techniques and protein expression and purification. Further, students are trained to characterize proteins with a wide variety of biochemical and biophysical techniques. Interested applicants are invited to send a resume to with “Research Assistant applicant” in the subject.



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Last update 31 May 2017