Our research is focused on providing an integrative understanding of how animals function in their unique social and physical environment. We mostly study free-living animals because we like to be outdoors. We study animals from a variety of habitats (Arctic to the Tropics) which gives us many opportunities to travel to new places and see amazing animals. We study these animals from a variety of perspectives including physiological function, neuroendocrinology, ecology, evolution, and behavior.

Currently, we have two primary areas of interest:
(1) Behavioral endocrinology, physiology and ecology of tropical birds. These studies occur primarily in Ecuador and center around the rufous-collared sparrow.

(2) Interactions between stress and reproduction in reptiles and amphibians. These studies are not taxon specific but have rather centered on the endocrine control of reproduction and how it is affected by responses to stressful conditions.

Ignacio T. Moore
Department of Biological Sciences
Virginia Tech
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Lab phone: (540) 231-7396
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